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Parents’ Visit

Written By: Tuen - Nov• 06•08

On 18th September, my parents arrived for a two week visit. The whole family had a great time together and we managed to do quite a lot of things. The highlight of the visit was a four day holiday on the Mornington Peninsula at Mt. Martha. We stayed at a quaint Spanish type villa called Villa Mallorca. We had some nice meals both at the villa and at a couple of restaurants. The meals at the villa were of course cooked by Mary. We spent quite a bit of time playing Texas Holdem and for this purpose we had invited Al and James up to stay at the villa as well.  We even found time to take the ferry from Sorento to Queenscliff and back.  The ferry ride was quite pleasant, but of course, it could not compare with the Spirit of Tasmania.  Still, the journey was short enough that we didn’t have to worry about getting seasick.At Queenscliff, we spent some time on the beach, where the kids had quite a good time.  My mum was hiding from the sun and the sea breeze though, but she managed to read on a seat somewhere sheltered.Oh I rode my bike up to Mt. Martha; it was a very nice ride.For the rest of the visit, my parents did quite a bit of shopping, especially my mum.  We also managed to have lunch at Miss Marples at Sassafras.  The food there is really good and the place is really quaint with a very cosy ambiance.We also managed to catch up with my God sister and her husband and we had a nice meal at Le Gaulois.  The food was pretty good there too.  And on the day before my parents went back to Singapore, we caught up with my cousins Daniel and Marian for dinner at (where Mary?) in the city.  Daniel came down from Sydney where he lives, for the upcoming Singapore Day festivities (see next post).Full set of photos of my parents’ visit can be found here.