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Singapore Day Festival

Written By: Tuen - Nov• 12•08

On the 4th of October, we attended the Singapore Day festival held at the Sydney Myer Music Bowl.  We went with the Chongs and the Chias and we took a train down.  It was quite an interesting festival and it brought back memories of Singapore with all its uniqueness and idiosyncrasies.  As we walked toward the bowl, we already started noticing that all the Asians walking around us were speaking “Singlish”.  Then when we arrived, we couldn’t believe the length of the queues that had formed.  We almost changed our minds, but since we had taken the trouble to get there, we decided that we should just queue up like good Singaporeans!  In my mind, I was already assuming that it was typical Singaporean ‘kia-su’ness that was causing the long queues.  

To be fair though, when we finally got through the gates, we realised that it was just the sheer numbers that had caused the long queues, and the officials manning the entrances were actually making it as simple and as quick as possible for everyone to get in.  

Inside, there were more long queues for the free food.  But like typical Singaporeans, we bit the bullet and queued again; after all the food was free mah!  I think the consensus on the food quality was that some of it was delicious whilst other dishes were only so so.  

Gurmit Singh was there with the rest of the Phua Chu Kang cast. Needless to say, we enjoyed the entertainment.  

It was quite interesting to see Wong Kan Seng going around greeting people and shaking hands.  This sort of thing doesn’t happen often in Singapore, unless it’s during an election campaign.  We bumped into quite a lot of people there, including my cousin Daniel (see previous post).  I also spent a bit of time talking to Leo Yip, the permanent secretary for MOM and who turned out to be Tony’s ex classmate in primary school.

All in, it was quite an eventful and enjoyable day.