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WordPress Blog Upgrade

Written By: Tuen - Nov• 20•08

I’ve finally upgraded to WordPress 2.6.3 and at the same time, I migrated the hosting off my own home server to a proper commercial server at Webcity.com.au.  It took a bit of time to reconfigure everything, and some things still don’t work because of a change in the WordPress underlying files, but all in, the upgrade and change was worth it.  The blog site is now much faster, and the photosite is now much much much faster.

The new blog address is http://blog.tuenproductions.com.au (addition of .au).

The new photosite is http://blog.tuenproductions.com.au/gallery.  If you enter the old blog site, you will automatically be redirected to the new site.  However the old photo site will continue to be up.  That’s because it will take forever and a day to transfer all my photos to the new site.  I’ve already transferred a few folders (to much complaints from my boys because it slowed down their game), but the rest I will transfer whenever I have time.  So in the meantime, the original sloooowwww photosite will be up.  The photos in the new site will be good enough for web viewing, but if you want to print out any of them, get them from the original sloooowww site where the original large photo files are stored.

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