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Christmas 2008

We had a very nice Christmas celebration this year (like in previous years).   For a change, Christmas Eve was celebrated at the Chongs’ house this year, where Tony also invited two other family friends and their families, as well as Cath’s sister and brother-in-law.  Dinner was very interesting, with very knowledeable conversation provided by [...]

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Games Day

For a change, instead of the usual gatherings where we just eat, talk and maybe end up playing Texas Holdem, Mary decided to organise a Games Day, where we would all play family games, like Charades, Taboo, Singstar etc.  Well this took place yesterday, and turned out to be quite successful.  The above games were [...]

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Bible Study Lunch

Mary invited a few of the mothers from their bible study group to lunch on Friday.  I was the only guy at the lunch of course, since I’m fortunate enough to be working from home! Two of the mothers brought their kids along as well, so Ren had a very good time.

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Ming’s Graduation Party

Ming had a graduation party in school last evening. He will be leaving Essex Heights for St. Kevin’s next year. The graduation party was pretty interesting.  Compared to the Speech and Prize Giving nights of St. Kevin’s and Sacre Coeur, it was of course much less formal with a lot less pomp and grandeur.  However, [...]

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Carolling at Wahroonga Home

Yesterday, after 3 practice sessions over the last two weeks, we went to carol for the residents of Wahroonga Home. The idea for this activity came from Henry, and was of course strongly supported by the rest of us, especially since we had organised similar activities when we were in Singapore. For two Saturdays, we [...]

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Baby’s First Official Invite

Ren received his first official invitation to a friend’s birthday party today. Catherine is celebrating her birthday today at Amber’s playhouse. Here’s a photo of Ren carrying Catherine’s birthday present.  

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Sacre Coeur’s Carols Night

Last Wednesday night was Sacre Coeur’s annual Carols’ Night.  It was held at St. Patrick’s Cathedral as usual, and there was a large turnout.  The Carols’ Night was quite enjoyable and there was a prayerful and contemplative atmosphere. Wen sang in the main choir as well as performed two songs with a smaller group of [...]

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Mountain Biking on Lake Mountain