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Carolling at Wahroonga Home

Written By: Tuen - Dec• 15•08

Yesterday, after 3 practice sessions over the last two weeks, we went to carol for the residents of Wahroonga Home.

The idea for this activity came from Henry, and was of course strongly supported by the rest of us, especially since we had organised similar activities when we were in Singapore.

For two Saturdays, we gathered, first at the Chongs’, and then at our home, to practise for this activity.  Henry and Alexius were the guitarists, and Henry was the choir master.  We chose common carols that didn’t require too much practice and we also bought and packaged lolly bags for the residents of the home.  The whole activity was most uplifting for all of us, and it was nice to be able to get all the grown up kids together in one room for a common activity with their ‘old folks’!

We were by no means great singers, but I think the residents enjoyed our singing, or at least tolerated it well, until they could get their hands on the lolly bags.  :)  I believe all of us enjoyed practicing and performing for the home, and we will most likely do it again next year. Apart from the Chias and the Chongs, we also had James joining us. He’s kinda like our adopted, older child, since he spends a lot of time with our kids as their  ’big brother’ and mentor in spiritual affairs as well as less lofty activities such as ‘Texas Hold’em’.

After the performance, we had an ‘after party’ at the Chongs, and that evening, we all went for a reconciliation service at St. Christoper’s church followed by dinner.  All in it was a most fulfilling weekend.

More photos can be found here.

The songbook can be found here.


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  1. Tony says:

    I will not forget this anytime soon :)

  2. Henry says:

    Thanks Justin/Mary and Tony/Cath and your families for providing the people power – the real force for us to successfully carry through the Wahroonga project. Thanks Cath and Mary for organising the ‘lolly bags’.
    Throughout the whole session, practice and actual session, the (unseen) hand that steadied me along the way was Al with his soft reminders about intros and chords etc. Thanks very much Al.
    The girls were wonderful too. Their harmonising skills have provided the colour behind our entire effort. They even provided their wonderful voices way past the Wahroonga facilities and into our dinner time at the restaurant. Thanks also to James for joining us to bring cheer to the residence in the Wahroonga facilities.
    I have been told by Clem – our Liaisons man with Wahroonga -that feedback from the residence had been amazingly wonderful. Staff also gave us a Huge Thank You! for the concert and hampers.

  3. James says:

    To everyone who organised and was involved in this wonderful carolling session, a BIG Thank you!
    Thanks also for inviting me along to spread the joy and goodwill of Christmas!
    That’s what Advent is all about, isn’t it.
    ; )
    If you have not heard it enough, please let me reiterate that the generosity and love witnessed through your families is very inspiring!

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