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Christmas 2008

Written By: Tuen - Dec• 31•08

We had a very nice Christmas celebration this year (like in previous years).  

For a change, Christmas Eve was celebrated at the Chongs’ house this year, where Tony also invited two other family friends and their families, as well as Cath’s sister and brother-in-law.  Dinner was very interesting, with very knowledeable conversation provided by Sherman.  Is there anything that fellow doesn’t know about??!! Raymond’s kids performed on their violins for us and they were really very talented and provided beautiful music.  It’s rare that you get such young kids with such perfect pitching on the violin.  


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The teenagers were busy putting together a dance routine, just for fun.

We had to leave a little early this year to attend midnight mass, as the boys were on duty as altar servers.

On Christmas morning, we attended mass again, because this time, the kids were on duty to sing in the choir.

Christmas day lunch was at our place and we had the Chongs and the Chias over.  Again, it was fun and we had the usual distribution of gifts.  This year, thanks to Henry’s renewed interest in his guitar, we even had a short jamming session, where we sang carols and other songs.  Hmm… I’m trying to recall if we ended up playing Texas Holdem…?  Can’t remember.  :)

Full photoset can be found here.