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Gern’s Lunch

Written By: Tuen - Dec• 01•08

The Chias invited us and the Chongs for lunch on Saturday, to thank Gern for bringing stuff to all of us from Singapore.  We had a nice time there as usual. The highlight of the event was Henry’s ‘performance’ which I captured on video below.  We have also decided that we will visit an aged care home to sing some carols for them, on 14th December.  So begins the practices and preparation for the event, our first of this sort in Melbourne.  Back in Singapore, on two occasions, we had visited some clients of the St. Vincent De Paul society to sing carols for them and to give them some hampers.  We did this with all the kids, and as Tony has mentioned before, this was more for our benefit (and the kids’) rather than for theirs (see photos here). Anyway, it should be a very interesting upcoming event for us.  


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