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Ming’s Graduation Party

Written By: Tuen - Dec• 17•08

Ming had a graduation party in school last evening. He will be leaving Essex Heights for St. Kevin’s next year.

The graduation party was pretty interesting.  Compared to the Speech and Prize Giving nights of St. Kevin’s and Sacre Coeur, it was of course much less formal with a lot less pomp and grandeur.  However, it had a charm of its own, and I dare say I actually enjoyed it more than I did the other two events.

The Principal’s and Chairperson’s speeches were short and to the point, and each of the four graduating class teachers had a chance to say something about their classes.  

To our delight, Ming received a Classroom Citizenship Awarding; only two pupils in each class receiving such an award.  There was also a drum performance, a dance item, a Power Point presentation (prepared mainly by Ming) and a few singing items.  The night was capped off by a disco party.  Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get any photos of the disco.

Photos can be found here.

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