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Visit to Singapore 2

Jie sent me to the airport on 10th Jan, and I took my flight to join Mary and the rest of the family in Singapore. The flight was uneventful and Mary met me at the airport when I arrived. Surprisingly, the weather was not too hot, and I didn’t feel clammy and sweaty. I had [...]

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Toilet Adventures!

About a week ago, I discovered a very small trickle of water leaking into my toilet bowl from the cistern. I didn’t bother about it as I thought the trickle was very small and I was hoping (stupidly) that somehow, the problem would go away by itself. Well the leak got progressively worse, and a [...]

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Visit to Singapore

Mary and most of the kids left for Singapore on 27th Dec.  They’ve been having a very good time catching up with old friends, visiting old places and of course, enjoying the Singapore food.  Jie and I are at home but I will soon be joining them as well. I’m looking forward to being re-united [...]

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New Year’s Eve

Jie and I went out with the Chongs and Chias for New Year’s eve dinner and to catch the fireworks.  Kathleen came along as well.  We had dinner in China Town at a restaurant called Kun Ming. Unfortunately, we finished dinner a little too late to catch the 9.15pm fireworks.  After dinner we strolled down [...]

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