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Fang Fa and Friteof’s visit

During the Singapore Day last year at the Sid Myer Bowl, Mary had met an old friend from Singapore, Fang Fa (or Christina as we had known her), whom we had not been in touch with for more than 15 years. Turns out she’s living not far from us with Friteof (may have gotten the [...]

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Baby goes to School

Ren began school about two weeks ago. He looked very cute carrying his little school bag. He was pretty excited about school, but once we left him there, he began to bawl quite loudly. I really didn’t want to leave him alone, but Mary said that we should, as that was the teachers’ advice. Anyway, [...]

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More Toilet Adventures

Two days after our return from Singapore, we noticed that there was a leak from the upstairs shower cubicle through the kitchen cabinet and coming out from the bottom of our oven! I feared that the repair would cost me a bomb because I thought they would have to remove the ceiling boards etc to [...]