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More Toilet Adventures

Written By: Tuen - Feb• 11•09

Two days after our return from Singapore, we noticed that there was a leak from the upstairs shower cubicle through the kitchen cabinet and coming out from the bottom of our oven! I feared that the repair would cost me a bomb because I thought they would have to remove the ceiling boards etc to get to the source of the leak. Thankfully, it ultimately only cost me $300.

The plumber didn’t remove any ceiling boards; instead he opened the cabinet under the ceiling and cut out the back of the cabinet. This way, I only need to get some MDF boards (as advised by Cath and Tony) and cover up the hole at the back of the cabinet. Too easy!

The reason for the leak was the U-turn pipe. When it filled with water, somehow the seals in it did not seal the water in. A new U-turn pipe (is that what you call it?) fixed the problem, after the plumber failed to tighten or silicon the old pipe. What I suspect happened is that the long weeks of disuse of the shower cubicle caused the rubber seal in the U pipe to dry out and perhaps shrink. Then when we returned and started using the shower again, the seals could no longer hold the water in.

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