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Victorian Bushfires

Written By: Tuen - Feb• 09•09

Victoria had its worst bushfire day on Saturday 7th of January 2009. At the time of writing, 108 people have been killed and over 700 homes razed. It’s really a sad day for all of us. 

The tragedy really struck home when I saw photos of devastated Marysville. We spent a lovely week holidaying in Marysville in 2000, and we have great videos and photos of that place and time. Today, there is nothing left there but ashes.

Happier times:


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One Comment

  1. Tan Chok Kian says:

    We had lunch with Peng Chye, Lee hoong, Song Chuan and their spouses last tuesday at Rendezous. The curry chicken etc dishes were dedicious.
    We all had a great meal. It cost about $30 per person.
    May and Peng Chuan remembered they stayed at Maryville too.
    It was a very nice place.

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