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Cycling at Jells Park

Written By: Tuen - Mar• 19•09

We went cycling on Labour day with the Chias and Chongs. Unfortunately, the 4 older kids from our family and the Chongs did not join us as they had university lectures to attend to. It seems labour day is not a public holiday where the university is concerned. Clem didn’t join us either as he had his own plans.

The ride was quite enjoyable, and it was the first time for the Chias to go cycling in a park/dirt track setting. Oh, Henry was the ‘support’ man and drove the car, so he didn’t cycle.

We had a nice picnic at Jells, and the younger kids played some games and there was good conversation all round.

On the way home, Tony’s bike developed chain problems and he had to push his bicycle quite a long distance, compounded by his getting lost for a while. He finally found his way back to our place. Seems he has a knack for developing mechanical problems whenever we have family cycling outings!

More photos here.

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  1. Tony says:

    I think the reason why my bike keeps developing mechanical problems when cyclying with the family is liken to driving a Ferrari to the Milkbar – a lot of power but not going anywhere :)

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