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Camping at Bendigo

We went camping with the Chias and Chongs to Bendigo from Easter Monday to Wednesday. My parents spent the two nights in a serviced apartment in the city whilst we were away. This was our 2nd camping trip in Australia, and it was quite enjoyable, especially for the kids. It was the Chia’s first camping [...]

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Visit to Daylesford

My parents were here on a two week visit, and we took the opportunity to drive up to Daylesford. We had originally looked at it as a potential camp site, but there weren’t any vacancies during the dates we were looking at. So instead, we took the opportunity to drive up for a day visit [...]

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Wen’s School Arts Festival

Wen had her school Art’s Festival on Thursday 2nd April. It’s a yearly affair, and is quite entertaining. The girls organise everything by themselves, including choreographing their dances and arranging their music. This year, Wen’s house, Duchesne, won the top award. Download Video

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I’ve been quiet on the blog front in recent days. That’s because I’ve taken up a new hobby; woodworking. It all started from the jigsaw puzzle we bought from Singapore. I was looking ahead to when we finished the puzzle and getting it framed. Frames are quite expensive here, especially large ones, so I thought [...]

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