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Camping at Bendigo

Written By: Tuen - Apr• 24•09

We went camping with the Chias and Chongs to Bendigo from Easter Monday to Wednesday. My parents spent the two nights in a serviced apartment in the city whilst we were away.

This was our 2nd camping trip in Australia, and it was quite enjoyable, especially for the kids. It was the Chia’s first camping experience, and I believe Henry (who was always skeptical about camping) enjoyed the company, but not so much the experience. That’s because they probably didn’t have the right equipment and it was very cold at nights; about 7 degrees the first night and 11 degrees the second night.

We spent the time sitting around chatting, apart from cooking the meals and we even managed a few games of Texas Holdem. Each of our three sites had an attached ensuite, so you could say it was quite a luxurious campsite, as campsites go.

On the last evening, the adults and the two babies went into Bendigo town for a nice dinner.

I hope the next camping trip will be a more rugged experience, with no ensuite, or power and preferably not even at an established campsite, but just some nice spot along a lake or stream somewhere in the bush. I’m sure the older boys and Tony will be keen, although it is unlikely the girls or Henry will like it. :)

Photos here.

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