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Visit to Daylesford

Written By: Tuen - Apr• 18•09

My parents were here on a two week visit, and we took the opportunity to drive up to Daylesford. We had originally looked at it as a potential camp site, but there weren’t any vacancies during the dates we were looking at. So instead, we took the opportunity to drive up for a day visit with my parents. Unfortunately, Melissa was not able to join us. The place was quite quaint and the drive took about 2 hours. We had lunch at a place called Bad Habits cafe, which used to be a convent. We then drove down to Hepburn Springs. Apart from the baths, we found it quite disappointing. There was hardly any water along the stream bed, and the only way to get the spring water was from various water pumps positioned along the flow of the underground spring. So if you were there to get the water, that’s fine, otherwise there wasn’t very much to see. I guess if we had bothered to pay up and go into the baths, that might have been interesting.

After the springs, we went to a chocolate mill. The place was interesting, and the two story factory had been built from bales of straw by the owners. But being lent, and with a number of us giving up chocolates for lent, it wasn’t as fun as it could have been.

On the way back, we got caught in traffic that bogged us down for about an hour!

Photos can be found here.

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