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Written By: Tuen - Apr• 02•09

I’ve been quiet on the blog front in recent days. That’s because I’ve taken up a new hobby; woodworking.

It all started from the jigsaw puzzle we bought from Singapore. I was looking ahead to when we finished the puzzle and getting it framed. Frames are quite expensive here, especially large ones, so I thought about making my own frame and started reading up on the subject. That’s when I expanded to reading about woodworking and borrowed a book from Knox library on the subject. That got me hooked and because there were a number of projects in the book, I started working on them.

I have since spent a small some of money on tools and equipment, and on a peg board for organising said tools. I’ve made a small shelf, and a small work table so far.

I’m working on a cross with stand right now, which was requested by Mary for her Godstart programme in church.

Well let’s see where all this leads. I’m well known for taking up many hobbies but losing interest faster than many others.  :)

But I always (mostly anyway) come back to them in time…

In case you are not suitably impressed, take note that these items were made from recycled, undressed, pieces of lumber I found lying around in my garage roof, where a previous owner had left them.

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