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Last Thursday, my two older kids attended the ASEAN ball organised by Monash university. My son attended with his girlfriend and managed to win the Best Dressed award! It seems he was interviewed by a bunch of girls and was surprised when his name was called. The prize was no small thing; a $200 Chadstone [...]

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More Woodworking

I’ve been busy with my woodworking and making more stuff, and getting a few more tools for my workshop. Since my last post I’ve completed a box (which I like very much), a cross and a firewood holder. Guess which was easiest to make? If you thought the cross, then you are wrong. It looks [...]

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Recent Birthdays

We celebrated Jie and Ming’s birthdays recently. As usual, we cut the cake at home, but had a meal outside. Jie’s lunch was at Paesano and Ming’s was combined with Mother’s day, so we went to a more classy restaurant called Le Gaulois. Jie’s birthday photos here. Ming’s birthday photos here.