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Parents leave Melbourne

Written By: Tuen - May• 14•09

My parents left Melbourne for Sydney on 17th April. They were heading to Sydney for their grand nephew’s wedding.

On Thursday night, the evening before they left, we had a very nice dinner at Sakata Japanese restaurant. The teppanyaki chef was throwing food all over the place!

Photos here.

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  1. Tan Chok Kian says:

    Hust wondering whose birthday is being celebrated.
    The little fellow is trying to steal the show.
    Nice pictures.

  2. Grandma says:

    Fun, but silly, cos most of the time the food lands anywhere but the diner’s mouth.

  3. Tan Chok Kian says:

    A technological mix-up.
    My comments were intended for the video on Jie’s birthday.
    Also, my first word should be Just not Hust.

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