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Baby Turns 4

Written By: Tuen - Jun• 04•09

It’s hard to believe that our little bundle of joy, which came unexpected and unplanned, is now 4 years old and has become so much a part of our lives that it’s hard to imagine what life would be like without him.

We had two celebrations for him. One was on the Sunday before, where we asked the Chongs and the Chias to come over for a meal, and to cut his birthday cake. The second celebration was for baby to invite some of his pre-school friends to come over to play and celebrate his birthday with him. In the end only two of them could make it, and they came with their mums. Ren enjoyed both parties very much.

Photos can be found here.

Below is a photo of baby with his ‘girfriend’ Katherine.

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One Comment

  1. Tan Chok Kian says:

    As I remarked earlier elsewhere, Ren is trying to outdo his Grandpa by celebrating 2 birthdays. In his Grandpa’s case, he celebrated once by the lunar calendar and the second by the gregorian calendar. But, his Grandpa got 2 ang-pows for the 2 celebrations and I think, Ren only got one.
    Grandpa and Grandma had lunch with Pauline { Daniel Kwok’s wife } this afternoon at Rendezvous in Bras Basah Road { just notice the name of the restaurant carries his name too }. Pauline was surprised that Ren is already 4 years old as the last time she saw him, he was only 2.
    Yes, this bundle of joy is also the jewel of the family as he is loved by
    one and all in the family.