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Snow Adventure

In the word of little Ren, we went for a ‘snow adventure’ last week. Dinner Plain was recommended by the Chias and was described as a ‘fairy land’ of snow. I’m pleased to report that the description was accurate. Dinner Plain is about 10 minutes drive from Mt. Hotham, a popular ski resort. We stayed [...]

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Moving On

I celebrated my 47th birthday recently. We had a nice dinner at Sakata again. After a certain age, one doesn’t quite look forward to birthdays anymore. In fact, I find I have trouble trying to remember exactly how old I am…

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Pants’ Fairy

Our little one never ceases to amaze me. In his videos and television shows, he has come across the tooth fairy and what she does with kids’ teeth when placed under the pillow. Yesterday afternoon, whilst taking him to the loo, I accidentaly pulled off his pants ‘hook’ or whatchamightcallit; the little metal item that [...]