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Snow Adventure

Written By: Tuen - Jul• 17•09

In the word of little Ren, we went for a ‘snow adventure’ last week. Dinner Plain was recommended by the Chias and was described as a ‘fairy land’ of snow. I’m pleased to report that the description was accurate. Dinner Plain is about 10 minutes drive from Mt. Hotham, a popular ski resort. We stayed 2 nights at Dinner Plain, at lodge called Alpenglow.

The drive to Dinner Plain took about 5 plus hours, including a couple of stops for breaks and buying Maccers lunch. Fortunately, I hardly drove during the entire holiday, as Ian did most of the driving. Jie did a bit of driving too. On the way up to the resort, we had to hire snow chains and we actually had to put them on the next two days. The boys did the messy job of putting on the snow chains. It’s good to have teenage boys around in situations like that. :)

We arrived quite late in the afternoon and checked into our lodge, which was really warm and comfortable and clean. Even the bathroom floors were heated! Dinner Plain itself is a quaint village with pubs and small shops catering to the skiing community. There was no lack of snow, and in fact, it snowed quite heavily most of the time we were there. The kids wanted to try snow boarding instead of skiing this time around, so we went straight to hire the equipment on the very first evening, in preparation for an early start the next day. This time around, feeling a little old, I didn’t join in the skiing or boarding, but spent the time taking videos and also playing snow with little Ren.

Anyway, we drove to Mt. Hotham the next day where I paid through my nose for snow boarding lessons and lift passes for the kids. I stayed to video them for a while, then it got too cold for me and I headed back to Dinner Plain to join Mary and baby for some snow play. The little fellow enjoyed tobogganing and building a snowman. In the meantime, the older kids enjoyed there lessons and managed to snow board decently after that. They berated me for not being around to video them in action, cause no one would believe they can snow board otherwise. :)

We left about mid morning two days later, after checking out of our lodge, and took a leisurely drive home. All in, a very satisfying and enjoyable holiday, if a little costly.

Photos can be found here.

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