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End of a Nightmare

Written By: Tuen - Aug• 28•09

It looks like our bathroom renovation is finally at an end, after a litany of errors and delays. Even after the new acrylic sheeting finally arrived, more problems occurred. The shower door was found to be too tall because they didn’t take into consideration the height of the shower-base when tiling the wall (They normally install the shower first before tiling, but because of the delay in arrival of the acrylic sheeting, they proceeded with the wall tiling first and made these mistakes). So a new side panel and door had to be located. This arrived the next day, sans the door. So another trip to get the door. Then this time, the door was found to be too wide! Another day of delay before they finally sorted everything out today, just in time for Nat’s arrival next week. Now I just have to get the ceiling painted.

I think I shall delay my final payment to them for a couple of weeks!

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