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Written By: Tuen - Aug• 13•09

So the 10th of August rolls around and I give Rob a call to see if the shower screen has arrived. It has and he tells me that they will come and start installation the next afternoon.

Next day late morning, Kevin comes around and starts working on the screens. He asks for the garage to be open so he can connect his circular saw to the power supply there. After taking measurements (and finding out that the screen is a little short and that the tilers will have to come back to put a few more tiles in) he goes out to do his cutting.

I’m sitting in my study and I suddenly hear this very loud shout and the cessation of the saw. So I dash out thinking he might have injured himself. But he hasn’t and he says that he just mis-cut a part of the screen. At this point, the implications of what he said does not yet sink in, and I say that it’s better the screen than his hand or fingers. It’s not until he calls Rob to tell him of what happened and until Rob calls him back later that he comes back to me to say that it will be another 5 days before they can get another screen. It was only then that I realised that what had been damaged had been the screen that we had spent the last 2 weeks waiting for to arrive on a ship; and this guy damages it within the hour of his starting work.

At that point, I was thinking maybe it would have been better if he had injured his hand instead of damaging the screen.


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