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Chias’ Housewarming and Anniversary

Written By: Tuen - Sep• 15•09

Last Saturday we were invited over to the Chias’ housewarming party. It was also their anniversary, but they didn’t publicise that fact.┬áMary happened to remember, so she bought some flowers for them as well. Apart from us, the Chongs and Cheongs were also there, and James too. Unfortunately, Jill was sick and couldn’t make it.

It was a nice afternoon spent together with good friends, and the conversation and food was very good, courtesy mainly of Jenny (June’s mum) who was here for a short holiday. The Chias’ have a pool table in their new home, so this was certainly put to good use that day.

After everyone left, Mary and I and baby stayed back for some mahjong, and when James came back with Clem after Cassie’s birthday party dinner, we even managed to squeeze in a game of Texas Holdem!

Photos can be found here.

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