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The baby costs me $110 today!

Written By: Tuen - Sep• 02•09

I came out of the bedroom this morning with baby in tow, as usual. This time though, I forgot to take something with me and went right back to my bedroom only to find the door shut and worse, locked! I thought someone had gone in and I called out if anyone was inside, but immediately, Ren told me that he had locked it coming out!

I was so mad at him I gave him a good telling off. Of course, I felt a little bad after I’d cooled down and made my peace with him; poor fellow was quite subdued and I suspect he won’t do that again.

Anyway, the door to our bedroom, for Lord knows what reason, is unlike the other bedroom doors, and has a lock set that is usually used for front doors rather than bedroom doors. And we had never had the key to this lock, because the previous owners said they had never used the key either and didn’t know where it was. I had told myself numerous times before to get the lock changed just in case something like this happens, but human nature is such that many of us tend to procrastincate…

So thinking that I would try to save some money, and because I had successfully picked locks before, I had a quick browse of the Internet to refresh my memory, scrounged up a makeshift torque wrench and with a paper clip, set to work. Unfortunately, after more than an hour, I was not successful.

So I surrendered and called the locksmith who came in later in the day and charged $110 for picking the lock as well as changing the cylinder so that we would have new keys for the lock.


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