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Tax Returns Lodged!

I’ve finally completed and lodged our tax returns, one day before the submission deadine.  Hooray! As I’ve written elsewhere on this blog, Australian tax returns, compared to Singapore ones, are a real pain in the butt.  But I must say that this year’s etax software has much clearer and better help and guidance as compared [...]

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Ian’s Valedictory

We attended Ian’s valedictory mass and dinner last night. Officially, it was Ian’s graduation and he is now no longer a student of St. Kevin’s, although he will still have to sit for his exams at the school. The mass and dinner went well and was much the same as Jie’s valedictory (click here). What [...]

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Shoe Cabinet completed!

I’ve finally completed my shoe cabinet for Mary, after 3.5 months of on and off work. I must say this has been a tough project, because of the size of the cabinet, which is generally larger than my equipment can handle comfortably. As a result there are a list of errors which I will detail in the page [...]