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Ian’s Valedictory

Written By: Tuen - Oct• 22•09

We attended Ian’s valedictory mass and dinner last night. Officially, it was Ian’s graduation and he is now no longer a student of St. Kevin’s, although he will still have to sit for his exams at the school. The mass and dinner went well and was much the same as Jie’s valedictory (click here). What was interesting this time around, was that the priest celebrating the mass, Fr. Gerarld Sullivan, was an old boy of St. Kevin’s who was there from 1931 to 1933!  He’s 93 years old today, but you couldn’t tell that from the way he celebrated mass and gave the sermon.

Also, Mary and I were calculating and figured out that if all goes to plan, we will still be attending a valedictory at St. Kevin’s in about 14 years’ time, when Ren graduates. I would be a doddering 61 year old by then!  :)

Some photos here.


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  1. Antoinette Tan says:

    Objection to the term “doddering”. Lots of Senior Citizens are way above 60 & they’re far from “doddering”.

  2. Alphonsus Tan Senior says:

    Trust Mummy to object to it. She is fond of always taking all remarks to apply to herself.
    Anyway, it is good to have a champion to speak up for the silent majority.
    On another matter, you mentioned 1931 to 1933. Is there a mistake in the years?

  3. Alphonsus Tan Senior says:

    I had revisited the 2 valedictory events ie one of Jie’s and the other of Melissa’s.
    May be we should make it a point to attend the next valedictory celebration. Now, what year would that be?
    And Mummy, we will have a chance to show that we will not be doddering? is that a deal?

    Also, i had a chance to realise my mistake and so can answer my own question about the years 1931-1933.
    A quick calculation shows that the old priest was a young 15 to 17 years when he was an old boy of St. Kevin’s, not a young boy. How do you like the play of the words ‘old and young’.

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