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Shoe Cabinet completed!

Written By: Tuen - Oct• 16•09

I’ve finally completed my shoe cabinet for Mary, after 3.5 months of on and off work. I must say this has been a tough project, because of the size of the cabinet, which is generally larger than my equipment can handle comfortably. As a result there are a list of errors which I will detail in the page which describes the building process (click here).

Overall, I’m about 65% satisfied with the finished cabinet. The main error is that the cabinet depth is too shallow, because of the limited space available, and also because when I did initial measurements, I forgot to take into account the thickness of the rails. As a result, large shoes can’t sit properly and have to be sort of slanted and stacked in order to close the cabinet doors. Well, what’s hidden won’t bother too much I hope! :)

I learned a lot from the mistakes made though, and the next thing I build will hopefully have less errors. Mary’s quite happy with the final product and I guess that’s what matters.