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Bali Holiday

I am typing this post whilst flying over the Indian Ocean, on a Virgin Airlines flight. It’s the 8th of December. We are on our way to Bali for a family holiday, with members of our clan. All in, there should be about 50 of us attending I think. We shall be in Bali for [...]

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Ming’s Achievement

On Sunday, we attended St. Kevin’s presentation night. And for the first time since our kids started attending St. Kevin’s, we had something to look forward to at the presentation night. Ming had been awarded a certificate of academic excellence, which meant that he was amongst the top 10 percent of all students in his [...]

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Dinner with Jobina

Last week, we had dinner with Jobina and two of her kids. Jobina and Lawrence and family were part of our kids’ home catechism group back in Singapore. We had seen Jobina only briefly in church when we were back in Singapore at the beginning of this year; otherwise we had not seen their family since our arrival in [...]

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