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Rachael and Tassia in Melbourne

Rachael and Tassia came up with Wen and Connie to spend about a week here in Melbourne, and stayed with us. The first and only hitch they experienced was that their luggage did not reach the airport with them. Due to some problems, the airline had to deliver the luggage to us about 10.30pm in the [...]

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Relaxing in Singapore

We arrived in Singapore on the evening of 15th Dec and as usual, stayed at my parents’ place. Unlike in January when we were here, this time around, we had a much less hectic schedule. We spent a lot of time with my parents and simply relaxed at home. We spent a bit of time with the [...]

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Bali Holiday – Good!

The Bali holiday was really good and refreshing, and it was wonderful to catch up with relatives whom we had not met for a while. The first 4 days of Bali was spent with the Chongs. Since we were coming from Australia and the rest of the clan were coming from Singapore, we felt that since [...]

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