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Bali Holiday – Good!

Written By: Tuen - Jan• 07•10

The Bali holiday was really good and refreshing, and it was wonderful to catch up with relatives whom we had not met for a while.

The first 4 days of Bali was spent with the Chongs. Since we were coming from Australia and the rest of the clan were coming from Singapore, we felt that since we were going to travel such a long distance, we might as well spend a few more days in Bali, rather than just the 4 official clan reunion days. So the Chongs and us stayed at a place called Villa Alumbrera in Canggu. We had a very good time there, especially the kids, who had their own villa where they could party all they want and leave us ‘oldies’ in peace. We had a staff of several waiters and cooks to look after our needs, and they prepared most of the meals for us. For Aussies, this was a real pampering that we don’t normally get at home.

On the 4th day we checked out of Villa Alumbrera and moved into Hard Rock Hotel. The clan gathering was also very enjoyable and activities included White water rafting, surfing, pool games, shopping, gambling and a Karaoke competition. We stayed for 4 nights there and had a grand time. This gathering was made possible thanks to the sponsorship of a rich relative; Bernard. Bernard has been living and working in the UK for many years, and this gathering was an idea mooted by him and Adeline, another relative of ours.

We left for Singapore on 15th Dec to start the next phase of our holiday.

Photos of Bali can be found here.

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