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Rachael and Tassia in Melbourne

Written By: Tuen - Jan• 24•10

Rachael and Tassia came up with Wen and Connie to spend about a week here in Melbourne, and stayed with us. The first and only hitch they experienced was that their luggage did not reach the airport with them. Due to some problems, the airline had to deliver the luggage to us about 10.30pm in the night, about 15 hours after they arrived.

I think the girls had a good time here, and we were very happy to host them. They were out with Wen and Connie most of the time and so had very little impact at home. Most of the meals they ate out, so Mary didn’t even have to cook extra. If I’m not mistaken, they spent a lot of time shopping and sightseeing. They went to the beach and also went strawberry picking at Sunny Ridge.

We all had a nice dinner at Gerard and Marie’s home, who are Rachael’s Uncle and Aunt, and we even managed to organise a badminton game with them.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any photos I can post here, as I didn’t take any, but the girls have got lots, and have posted them on their respective facebook sites. Alas, I am not their ‘friend’ and have even been explicitly ‘unfriended’ by Wen because she felt I was ‘stalking’ her!  :(

On the last evening, we had a special farewell dinner for the girls at a Japanese restaurant called Sakaru in Spring.  A short video below shows some of the ‘antics’ we got up to.

Download Video

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  1. Huixuan says:

    HAHAHA Mei Mei broke a bowl!!!

  2. Sabina says:

    So fun!!!

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