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Relaxing in Singapore

Written By: Tuen - Jan• 16•10

We arrived in Singapore on the evening of 15th Dec and as usual, stayed at my parents’ place. Unlike in January when we were here, this time around, we had a much less hectic schedule. We spent a lot of time with my parents and simply relaxed at home. We spent a bit of time with the cult of course, and visited some relatives, but mostly, I did not even announce our visit to Singapore. I even had time to complete the Bali holiday video whilst in Singapore.

We had the usual Christmas gathering where most of the relatives came over to my parents’ place. Other memorable events included a gathering of our former home catechism group, organised by Jobina at her home; a cult visit to St. James’s power station for a pub experience, where Stephen Chua celebrated his ‘birthday’; and a lunch with my Godparents whom I hadn’t seen for a couple of years.

The cult also paid a visit to Francis’ niche where we said some prayers for him.

After two short weeks, we left for home on 30th Dec and arrived on New Year’s eve.  It was good to be back.  But we left behind our two daughters. The boys of course, were already home, since they didn’t join us on the Singapore leg of the holiday. Melissa is still in Singapore as I write this, and is due back at the end of the month. Wen was originally due to come back around this time, but left a few days after us because Rachael and Tassia were going to come back with us to spend a week here, and of course Wen was going to look after them. More on their visit in a later post.

Some photos of the Singapore visit can be found here.

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