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Wen’s School Play

Written By: Tuen - Apr• 26•10

Wen had been spending the last 3 months rehearsing for her school play, called Back to the 80s. Mary, Ian, Ren and I watched it on Saturday night, and we found that it was the best school production we had seen. The other kids had watched the play on Thursday and Friday.

The story line was good, the songs chosen were lively and the dancing was really good. Some of the singers could have done better and were slightly off key, but considering that these were very difficult songs to sing, they could be forgiven.  Overall, it was a very enjoyable evening.

Video recording was not allowed, so I had to record only the scenes where Wen was featured, and I did so surreptitiously, without being able to look through the viewfinder.

Download Video

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  1. Natalia says:

    I couldn’t tell who was Wen in the video?

  2. Tan Chok Kian says:

    My guess is the first girl to step forward to sing solo is Wen.

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