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Visit to Adelaide

Written By: Tuen - May• 13•10

In early March (yes I’m way behind updating this blog) Mary, myself and Julian drove over 700kms to Adelaide. My parents had won 3 nights free accommodation in some kind of lucky draw, and we decided that it would be nice for us to drive up and join them, so that they can be more mobile with our car around. Of course, I also wanted to put the Prado through its paces and see how it handled over long distances. The drive was surprisingly pleasant, and we made a lunch stop and a few toilet stops each way. It took us about 11 hours to get to Adelaide from Melbourne.

On the 2nd day, we all drove to Cape Jervis and took the Sealink ferry to Penneshaw on Kangaroo island. We spent a day there, and saw the seals on Seal Bay. We also visited a bee farm and took a look at the inland sand dune on Kangaroo island. We weren’t able to do too much as we had to catch the ferry back to the mainland, and considering the cost of the ferry, we should really have stayed at least 3 days if we wanted to see everything on Kangaroo island and make the trip worthwhile. Well we plan to bring the rest of the family on a future trip and will definitely spend more days on this lovely island. The Prado was fully at home on the gravel and dirt tracks of the island.

On the third day, we did a bit of shopping and also visited an authentic German town called Hahndorf where we had a very nice lunch. And in the evening, we met up with Sr. Elizabeth and her mum, and we had a nice dinner at a Chinese restaurant called Citi Zen Chinese restaurant.

We drove back on the 4th day, and again, we made quite good time.

Photos can be found here.