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Warburton State Forest off road trip

Written By: Tuen - May• 18•10

Last Sunday, we set off on a trip I had been planning for months. The route was specially chosen so that my cousin’s ‘soft roader’ could handle it, and I also tried to locate on the map a few potential fishing spots to make the trip more enjoyable for Henry and the two young ones.

The route was set in the State Forest just south of Warburton.

Warburton forest route

We set off around 8.50am in the morning and reached Noojee town around 9.15am.


 From Noojee we went north into the forest. The tracks on this leg were quite easy and were mainly gravelled. After about 45 mins we exited the forest and proceeded for a short break at Warburton town. From there, we entered the forest again, this time travelling south and here the tracks were a bit more muddy and wet. There were some changes to the actual tracks compared to the map and we had to backtrack about 2 to 3 km at one point.

We reached Starlings Gap and had our lunch there. The picnic ground was really nice and the view was quite scenic. It was quite amazing to find such a lovely spot in the middle of the forest. Tony, Henry and I went off for a short walk along a forest trail, to try and find a fishing spot, but we realised that we were too high up in the ranges. Louie and Ren in the meantime were enjoying themselves playing with the hand held radios.


After lunch, we set off south again through the forest in search of a good fishing spot, but according to our resident expert Henry, there weren’t any along the way.  :(

So when we exited the forest, we decided to head for a stretch of the Yara river at a place called Doon Reserve, just west of Warburton town. We found a nice spot there and set up three lines, but unfortunately, the fish were just not biting that day. Still, we had a good time fishing, especially Louie and Ren.


All in, I thought it was quite an enjoyable outing, although feedback from my cousin and wife was that the drive through the forest was just too long. We had driven about 70km of forest tracks.  I think I agree with them, and will plan shorter off road drives for future trips!

More photos can be found here.

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