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Pride Cometh before the Fall

In the last few months, I’ve been going cycling with a bunch of guys. Tony and I got ‘convinced’ to sign up for Melbourne’s “Around the Bay” ride in October, and the 210km route to boot! So we’ve been doing about 60 to 80 km each ride about once a week. Each member of the [...]

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Birthdays just Passed

Ming had his birthday on 11th May. We had the usual quiet cake cutting ceremony at home. Jie had his on 19th April, and Wen had hers on 26th Feb. Respective birthday photos below: Ming Jie Wen

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Sr. Elizabeth Visits

At the end of May, Sr. Liz paid us a visit. She had a short teaching stint at Bendigo, and stayed a few nights in Melbourne. We met at our home, together with Sr. Joy and Margie.  Sr. Liz met Margie only sometime last year, and it turned out that Mary and Margie were from the [...]

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Traffic School

Ren attended traffic school at Kew last week. The kids started the day with a short lecture in the classroom, where they learnt some basic rules about cycling and walking on the streets. They also learnt how to put on their helmets properly and how to adjust and tighten them. After that, it was off [...]

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