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Ren’s 5th Birthday

Written By: Tuen - Jul• 04•10

We recently celebrated Ren’s 5th Birthday with a small party at home. We invited some of his preschool classmates and their parents over to our home for some snacks, games and a magic show. Guess who was the magician? I was pretty nervous about performing, as it had been years since I last performed my tricks. But since the alternative was to hire a professional magician or other form of entertainment, I agreed with Mary’s suggestion that I perform the tricks myself.

The party went very well and the kids had a great time. Mary was great at organising the games and Melissa and Wen helped lead the kids in the games too. The magic show didn’t go too bad either, from the feedback I received. It seems some of the kids were even inspired enough to want to become future magicians themselves!

Ren of course, was thrilled with the company and the presents he received. We had no regrets organising the party, but considering the amount of preparation we put into the party, and the amount of cleaning up after, I think it will be some years till his next big party!  :)

Oh we must express our thanks to Cecilia, an old friend of Mary’s with whom we recently met up again after many years, for baking Ren’s Ben Ten cake. It was really an excellent cake!

Photos can be found here.

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