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The Circle Closes

Written By: Tuen - Aug• 01•10

I’ve finally finished the frame for my jigsaw puzzle. It’s been quite a journey.

Back in Jan 2009, I bought a jigsaw puzzle from Singapore, and started working on it some time later back home in Melbourne. It was slow going, as the kids were no longer interested in jigsaws, and Mary was too busy to help. So it was just me and the 2000 piece jigsaw. In the midst of building the jigsaw, I started thinking about the frame, and wanted to try and build my own frame, as frames are expensive to purchase over here. I started reading up about frame building, and enlarged my interest to woodworking in general. I found the subject so interesting that I took up woodworking and built several projects including my own workbench, a shoe cabinet and other items.

On Easter Sunday this year, I finally completed my jigsaw, after more than a year. And soon after that, I built a router table so that I could route the moulding of the frame. I started work on the frame after that, and today, I finally hung the jigsaw up, one and a half years after I started the project. It’s been a long but rewarding experience!


25 Feb 2009


8 March 2009


21 Jan 2010


24 March 2010


Back of the Frame

Many thanks to June, who helped assemble the jigsaw on a couple of occasions, and for providing valuable insight and advice on sorting out the different pieces of the jigsaw. On the night before Easter, some of my kids helped to put the final pieces (sky white!) together, which was simply a tedious process of trying each and every piece in each and every remaining space. But then, I had offered them $1 a piece! But without their effort and the incentive offered, the puzzle would have taken at least another week to finish and would have missed my Easter deadline which I had set for myself.
Finished and Hanging!

Finished and Hanging!