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Inside Story

Written By: Tuen - Nov• 11•10

I recently finished reading “Inside Story” by Peter Lloyd.  Peter Lloyd was the ABC journalist who was arrested and imprisoned in Singapore for possession and consumption of a small amount of drugs.  He was released after serving six months of a ten month prison term on good behavior, and he has written a book about his arrest and incarceration in Tanah Merah Prison.  I found it a very interesting read, and probably a very unique book; I don’t think there have been that many foreign journalists who have been imprisoned in Singapore and then went on to write a book about the experience. He actually smuggled his notes out of prison by writing them in the margins and between the lines of books that he had been allowed to bring in and read and return to friends.

Singaporeans especially should read this book if they can.  It might be banned in Singapore, but is available online from Borders Australia. He has some very colourful things to say about LKY and I like this quote from his book:

“Singapore is what happens when a lawyer with a narcissistic need for absolute control invents a country”

It’s not a very long book and I highly recommend it.

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