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It’s been awhile…

Written By: Tuen - Jan• 30•11

Gosh, it’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged anything. And it’s not because nothing has happened.  On the contrary, we’ve had my parents come visit, two holidays, a farmstay and Pat’s visit.

Let’s start with the farmstay.  Our good friends from church, who had recently moved to Foster to run a hobby farm, invited us over for dinner and to stay the night. This was at the end of November. Little Ren had a great time there, although he had wanted to milk a cow, but our friends didn’t keep a milk cow.  They kept steer and sheep for slaughter and a nice garden and vege patch. We were given a nice tour of the place, which was 32 acres in size. Our friends also took us to visit the township of Foster.

After we left the farm, and because we were pretty close to Wilson’s Prom, we decided to take a drive down there and spend the afternoon at the beach. That turned out to be very pleasant too, as there was sun, as well as a nice stiff breeze, although it had been raining just before we arrived. Again, little Ren had a great time. I also got the opportunity to try out two new camping chairs that I had bought recently.

More on the two holidays we’ve just had in the next few posts…

Photos can be found here.


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