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Wen and Ian’s Birthday celebrations

We celebrated Wen and Ian’s birthday last night at Paesano Knox restaurant.  Yesterday was Wen’s actual day and she had some friends come over in the afternoon as well. Ian’s birthday occurred whilst we were in Singapore, so last night was a belated celebration. 

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Wen sings solo!

Wen sang solo at her school’s fundraiser for the flood victims of Queensland and Victoria, on Friday night.  There were about 23 items and she was item number 14.  I thought she sang very well, but you be the judge:

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Parents Visit and Hamilton Holiday

My parents came to visit us in December last year and we spent about 9 days on Hamilton Island, which is one of the Whitsunday Islands near the Great Barrier Reef. We had a great time on the island, especially the kids who took part in many activities.  They went swimming in the private pool [...]

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