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Parents Visit and Hamilton Holiday

Written By: Tuen - Feb• 23•11

My parents came to visit us in December last year and we spent about 9 days on Hamilton Island, which is one of the Whitsunday Islands near the Great Barrier Reef.

We had a great time on the island, especially the kids who took part in many activities.  They went swimming in the private pool of our apartment as well as in the public hotel pool. They went snorkeling, catamaran sailing, quad bike riding, pistol shooting, go-karting, mini-golfing, skiing and even SCUBA diving. In fact, I tried SCUBA diving too.  This happened on a floating platform near the Great Barrier Reef, after a dizzying sea-sick filled hour plus long boat ride. I was still slightly woozy when we went under, and after about 2o minutes, I almost panicked as I felt like I wanted to throw up. Wen was supposed to SCUBA dive too, but at the last minute, after trying out the equipment, she felt she could not ‘bite’ into the regulator because of her braces, and gave up. But it was great fun, and the whole holiday was most enjoyable, although rather expensive.

We spent Christmas eve on the island singing carols and we had a nice dinner after that.

Photos of our holiday can be found here.


That's a REAL weapon he's holding, by the way.


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