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Written By: Tuen - May• 06•11

Since we migrated to Melbourne more than 5 years ago, I have been hearing my cousin complain about possum problems ever so often. The strange thing was, I never had any possum sightings let alone problems at all. I had seen the possum droppings at my cousin’s house, but I never saw anything similar at the 2 places where I have lived in Melbourne. So I felt rather blessed and unique (since I had heard about possum problems from many others as well).

All came to an end last night when I encountered my first “home based” possum.  I think it was a ringtailed possum. I first saw it on the ground and when it saw me, it scampered off into the reserve (with a little encouragement from my part). But about 20 minutes later, I saw it again, this time looking quite comfortably settled on the roof of my garage. Well, let’s hope it doesn’t give me any problems, or I will have to consult my cousin on how he ‘solved’ his possum problems!

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