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Ren’s School Assembly Presentation

Ren’s class gave a presentation at his school assembly today. They had been practising for this the whole week and he had been very excited about it. The presentation was about reducing, reusing and recycling. He even invited me to go along with Mary to watch him at the assembly, which I did. I’m glad [...]

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Wen’s Debutante Ball

Wen had her Debutante Ball recently. Mary, Melissa and I attended it and it was quite an experience. We don’t have such things in Singapore and Melissa came to Australia after her 16th birthday and didn’t get a chance to attend such a ball.  So Wen’s was the first (and last) debutante ball that we [...]

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Ren’s Birthday Party

Ren celebrated his 6th birthday with a party on the 4th of June. Originally we had intended to have a small party with a small group of friends, but some of his classmates actually found out about the party and asked to be invited.  In the end, we invited his whole class and held the [...]

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