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Wen’s Debutante Ball

Written By: Tuen - Jul• 20•11

Wen had her Debutante Ball recently. Mary, Melissa and I attended it and it was quite an experience. We don’t have such things in Singapore and Melissa came to Australia after her 16th birthday and didn’t get a chance to attend such a ball.  So Wen’s was the first (and last) debutante ball that we would attend.

There were 33 couples, and they presented themselves to the school principal and to the Federal Member of Parliament for Aston. It was very interesting to watch them do classical ball room dancing set to modern pop songs.  I must say the evening was very enjoyable, and the food was not bad.

One unfortunate incident which happened was when one of the boys, after hours of practice in the afternoon, suddenly felt faint and had to be pulled out of the dance routine, leaving his partner in limbo. But the deputy principal very gallantly stepped up and took up the boy’s role, even though he didn’t know any of the steps. But he plodded through and at least the girl got to finish the dance routine, and it didn’t look too bad actually, especially since he was also dressed for the occasion and if you didn’t look too carefully, you wouldn’t notice that there was one guy who was perpetually out of step.

Photos can be found here.

The video below is longer than my usual youtube posts because I thought it was quite interesting.


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