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Birthday Surprise!

Written By: Tuen - Mar• 10•12

Yesterday, we sprang a surprise birthday celebration on Pat Chua. On top of that, Steve surprised her with a Volkswagen Beetle, which she apparently has always wanted; not to mention Steve and Tassia’s surprise flight to Melbourne from Singapore to surprise Pat. They have set the bar very high.

I had to surreptitiously fetch both of them from the airport, and Tony and Henry had to arrange to purchase the Beetle. All the planning and preparation took about two weeks to arrange. Unfortunately, she wasn’t too surprised with Steve and Tassia’s surprise visit, due to a few boo boos from Steve and others, but at least she was totally surprised by the Beetle. So not all the effort was wasted.

Only two photos available from me. Will have to wait for Steve for the others , which knowing him, may take quite a while to be posted. :)




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