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Jie’s 22nd Birthday

We celebrated Jie’s 22nd birthday last Thursday night with just the family and Kai and Sue Ping. We had Peking Duck at Old Kingdom, then headed home to cut a Pandan cake which Mary had baked that afternoon. More photos can be found here.

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Melissa is presented with the Dean’s List Fellowship Award

This afternoon, I went with Melissa to attend a function where she was awarded the Dean’s List Fellowship. This is a Science faculty award for outstanding performance in science subjects. Apart from receiving her certificate from the Dean, we also got to enjoy some good food! Well done Melissa!

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Overnight camping at Kurth Kiln recreational park

I organised an overnight camping trip on Friday. It was mainly because my son asked me to organise one as Sue Ping had not been to a proper bush camp before. In the end, we went with the Chuas. Chongs came for the day and then left in the evening, and Mary and Wen decided [...]

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Easter Egg hunt

On Easter Sunday, Mary organised an easter egg hunt for her ‘Hands On’ catechism kids and some other children of our friends. It went quite well and adults and children alike had a good time. Later in the evening, we had another easter celebration at the Chongs’ home with another group of friends. That went [...]

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Attack of the Boxer

So I come home on Thursday to discover two dogs in my backyard. One was Ella, my neighbour’s dog who comes over quite often through a hole in the fence. She’s harmless and we leave her be. She goes home on her own after some time in our backyard. But the other dog was a [...]

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Picnic at Jells Park

A group of us spent most of Wednesday at Jells Park and had a great time there. We had a good picnic and the kids had a great time cycling and playing at the playground. I tried teaching Julian to cycle, and he made some progress, but still hasn’t achieved liftoff! Full photos can be [...]

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Jigsaw completed. 2nd April 2012, 11.17pm.


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