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Attack of the Boxer

Written By: Tuen - Apr• 08•12


So I come home on Thursday to discover two dogs in my backyard. One was Ella, my neighbour’s dog who comes over quite often through a hole in the fence. She’s harmless and we leave her be. She goes home on her own after some time in our backyard. But the other dog was a bigger and fiercer dog that I had not seen before. I presumed it had come into our yard through the same hole in the fence. So I made a gesture at it to sort of try and shoo it back to the neighbour’s yard; Big mistake. It rushed at me and started barking fiercely at me. And for the next 45 minutes or so, it kept barking and rushing around our yard more or less attempting to terrorise me.

This was getting annoying and whilst I didn’t think it was really dangerous, I didn’t want to take a chance and besides, I have little Ren to consider.

I went next door to the neighbour’s, but of course, no one was in. So in the end, I called the police who got the council dog catchers to respond and remove the miscreant. In the process of chasing it around my yard, it also left a souvenir on my lawn for me to clean up!
(In the meantime, sweet Ella had returned next door on her own).

The neighbour came by in the evening to apologise and explain that ‘Lennox’ the boxer, was a real sweetheart whose bark was worse than its bite and he would bring him around one of these days to ‘introduce’ us and I would see how gentle he was.

I was thinking silently, “I’d really rather you didn’t”.

Thus endeth the adventure for this week.

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  1. Gerard Lim says:

    Case of the “Boxer Rebellion” gone to the dogs….

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